It’s never too early to start preventing skin damage and signs of aging. However, that doesn’t mean you need to have a long, complicated regimen at the ripe age of 21.

The absolute best anti-aging product to start with is sunscreen. If you protect your skin from sun damage at an early age, you won’t have to do as much damage control when you’re in your 30s and beyond. We have a range of sunscreens in salon from a matte to dewy finish for all skin types 🧴

Once you’re in your 20s, you can start considering ingredients like Retinol (vitamin A), Vitamin C, and AHA’s and incorporating them as needed.

No matter your age, before stocking up on every anti-aging product you can find, we recommend coming to see us so we can assess your skin concerns and inform what ingredients and products will best benefit you.

Some of our top favourite preventative products are:
✨ @coola_nz White Tea SPF50
✨ @aspectskin Extreme C20 Serum
✨ @aspectdrskin Exfol-A Serum
✨ @dmkskin EFA Ultra internal supplements

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