Have you ever wondered how these miracle active ingredients in your skincare are actually getting to the target area of the skin? Or are they just sitting on the surface?

Basically, if your skincare product doesn’t have a good delivery system, it’s not going to work and will sit on the surface of the skin. You can buy a $200 product, but if it’s not getting down into the dermis it’s not going to be effective. Sure your skin might ‘feel’ good and it might smell amazing, but don’t let that fancy marketing trick you into thinking it’s doing something it simply cannot.

Delivery systems are what gets the active ingredients from a skincare product INTO your skin, deep into the dermis so that they can actually penetrate and work their magic to create changes – this is where the results come in 🙌
Different molecules allow active ingredients to bypass the outermost layers of the skin to allow for better penetration. The skin is designed to keep everything out, as its job is to protect our body from outside irritants. It is the effective delivery system of any skin care product that is of greatest importance to see change in the skin and the results you deserve.

All our skin care ranges at Loft Skin + Beauty have effective delivery systems, because we’ve done the homework for you ❤️

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