Keratosis Pilaris is a common skin condition that presents as small, red, rough bumps on the skin, similar to goosebumps, and is usually found on various areas of the body. More commonly on the back of the arms, but is also found on the thighs, hands or buttocks. Although the condition is harmless, it can cause great distress to sufferers.

Keratosis Pilaris occurs when the body produces too much of a natural protein found in skin called keratin. The excess keratin surrounds and entraps the hair follicles in the pore. This then causes the formation of hard plugs, resulting in the appearance of raised bumps across the skin.

The treatment for Keratosis Pilaris will vary depending on the severity of the condition, however the principle of what we are trying to achieve will remain the same. We cannot eliminate the initial problem of the excess keratin, however we can use products and treatments to manage the buildup surrounding the follicle. We need to aid the proliferation of the keratinised cells that are forming over the hard bumps.

Recommended home products:
✨ DMK Revitosin is a Vitamin A derivative formula, the Vitamin A will normalise the skin cell activity, and naturally exfoliate the hardened keratin.
✨ DMK EFA Ultra internal supplements to increase essential fatty acid levels in the body will be of benefit for all cases and can have an anti-inflammatory effect reducing the associated redness within the skin.
✨ DMK Micro Peel with a blend of AHA’s to exfoliate, refine and hydrate the skin.

For those that suspect that gluten may be playing a role, then trying an elimination diet to see if there is an improvement could also be of benefit.

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