Rose Quartz Rollers are a natural way to support your facial and skincare routine, combining the cooling effects of the Rose quartz roller, massage, and acupressure. Your Roller can also be used in combination with our Rose Quartz Gua Sha.

Linked to the heart chakra and commonly referred to as the ‘love stone,’ rose quartz promotes a sense of warmth and compassion as well as unconditional love and peace. It’s also a powerful healing stone that can help to increase self-love, ease tension and ward off negative emotions. In the long-term, all of these factors can contribute to premature ageing, and be damaging to the skin. We’re all about self love!

This double sided roller is suitable for the face and body. The larger sized roller is designed to use around the face and neck area, as well as on the arms, legs, and back. The smaller roller is designed to use around the eye area, promoting increased circulation to the area, helping to reduce puffiness and dark circles that appear under the eyes.

To use:

You can use your roller alone, or with a serum, balm, cream mask or facial oil. It’s important to use outward and upward strokes (for the décolletage, opt for downward strokes towards the heart), increasing pressure as desired. For ultimate skin healing and rejuvenation, follow up your facial massage with application of your favourite cream, serum or treatment masks.

Tip: Rose quartz rollers can be stored in the fridge to enhance the cooling effect. You can also roll over sheet masks for extra cooling.