DMK Red Vein Creme

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DMK Red Vein Crème assists in the reduction of red swollen veins and can work to reduce bruising.  A combination of plant-based active ingredients aim to reduce the appearance of visible redness, spider and thread veins, and reddening and flushing. The ingredient niacin assists in the strengthening and regenerating of weakened capillary walls.

Key Benefits

  • Visible reduction of redness
  • Reduction of spider & thread veins
  • Resistance of spider vein formation
  • Increases the skin’s resistance to reddening & flushing

Key Ingredients

Niacin, Chloroxylenol, Garlic oil



Can be used by anyone for the treatment of conditions such as spider veins, redness, vascular scarring or bruising. The crème is applied directly to the problem area

Usage | PM


Apply on problematic areas, leave over night.

Note: The cream can cause burning sensation and hyperaemia, especially during the first week of use.

Size: 15ml