DMK Klear Collection Pack

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A revolutionary way of managing adolescent and adult onset acne, the Klear Collection has been formulated to have blemished acne prone skin back under control.


An exclusive formulation that moves beyond conventional acne ingredients for an effective, non irritating and elegant scientific treatment combination. Contains no harsh peroxides that dry the skin. Instead, our acne treatment uses highly effective yet gentle germicides, combined with agents that both suppress sebum and help to cleanse the pores of compacted sebum and debris.

Your Klear Collection Kit includes full sizes of:

  • Acu-Klenz gel cleanser is designed to cleanse and purify the skin without drying (180ml).
  • Acu-Klear lotion is designed for areas of congestion, working to clear problem areas fast (30ml).
  • Acu-Mist is an antibacterial spray designed to keep pimples at bay, while encouraging the penetration of Klear Collection products (120ml).
  • Acu-Moist is a hydrating moisturising crème (30ml).


How to use your kit:

  1. Use a pea sized amount of Acu-Klenz facial cleanser. Massage and rinse off.
  2. Apply a small amount of Acu-Klear purifying lotion directly to breakouts
  3. Spray the face 3 times with Acu-Mist before applying Acu-Moist moisturiser.
  4. Apply 4 small dots of Acu-Moist moisturiser to the forehead, chin and cheeks before massaging into the skin.