DMK Essentials Protect and Maintain Pack

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For those looking to maintain their clear complexion and delay the physical signs of ageing, DMK’s Protect and Maintain Pack aims to help the skin defend itself against environmental damage. The Protect and Maintain Pack is designed for neutral skin without the presence of difficult conditions.

Your Protect & Maintain Pack includes:


  • Deep Pore – facial cleanser 60ml
  • Herb and Mineral Mist – moisture spray 60ml
  • Pro Amino – moisturiser for neutral skin 15ml
  • Soleil Defence SPF15 60ml – moisturising cream with SPF

Your routine:

  1. Apply a pea sized amount of Deep Pore cleanser to the face, rub and rinse off.
  2. Apply 4 dots of Pro Amino to the face with a cotton bud.
  3. Spray the skin 3 times with Herb and Mineral Mist and rub the Pro Amino into the skin.
  4. Apply a small amount of DMK Soleil Protect to the face, neck and décolleté.