DMK MD Elevate – Neck + Décolletage lifting Cream



Life may sometimes get you down, but there is no need to allow age and gravity to have the same effect on your neck and decollete. DMK MD Elevate™ cream’s revitalizing bio-energy ingredients and warming thermogenic effect lift and tighten the neck and decollate tissues quickly. With continued use, the improvements become lasting.

Key Benefits:

  • Lifts and tightness sagging skin
  • Stimulates muscle tightening
  • Provides essential skin nutrients
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Increases skin density
  • Encourages healthy immune function in skin
  • Increases microcirculation

Suitable for:

All skin types: Age management and those with ageing concerns.

50ml pot


  • Ornithine improves skin elasticity. This amino acid is used by cells as building blocks for proteins to repair and build skin tissue, keeping the skin supple and flexible
  • Methyl Glucoside Phosphate regulates cellular collagen and elastin. It boosts fibroblast cells to increase collagen improving skin’s density and firmness
  • Serine is an amino acid that plays an important role in the body to form the phospholipids (a major component of the cell membrane) that make up each cell. It aids in DNA production, fat and fatty acid metabolism , muscle formation and the maintenance of a healthy immune system
  • Vanillyl Butyl Esther creates warming and vasodilation effect. It helps release ATP (adrenosine triphosphate) and stimulates nerve endings for muscle contraction and circulation