YESSS!! Despite the cooler weather and darker days the sun’s harmful rays are just as strong and potentially damaging for skin during winter. It’s true that the UV levels are lower in winter, however 90% of visible ageing is due to sun damage – and it doesn’t all happen in summer. UVB (the burning rays), are lessened by clouds and winter, but UVA (the ageing rays) are still very much present all year round ☀️

Some of your skin care products and medications have formulations which also make you more sensitive to the sun, so you need to be even more careful. These include retinoids, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, tetracycline antibiotics, metronidazole and isotretinoin.

I hope this is a gentle reminder to reach for your SPF tomorrow! If you haven’t found one to suit you for daily use, we have a range in salon from matte, lightweight and lush rich finishes. Your SPF should be applied after your skincare products, and before your makeup 🧴

Some of our favourite’s are 🌤
Coola New Zealand Classic Sport Face White Tea SPF50
Aspect Sun Environstat SPF50
Curtis Collection Flawless Glow BB Cream SPF30
Coola Cucumber Matte Finish SPF30

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